3 Key Benefits and Advantages of Playing Sports and Getting Active

We all know that there are huge benefits from playing sports regularly. However, many of us still refuse to get out there and sweat a little. According to Statista, barely 20% of Americans exercise weekly and only approximately 32% of people in Singapore are actively participating in sports.

Based on a survey we did, the top 2 reasons for Singapore’s low participation rate are the lack of motivation and no one to play with. So we decided to do a quick write up on the benefits of sports for dummies, in hopes of inspiring more people to do sports for their own good!

From NY Times

1. Health benefits

With your heart at the core of your body, a stronger heart would improve your overall health. Exercising regularly also increases your lung capacity as your lungs inhale oxygen and expel carbon dioxide and waste gases more rigorously. Any sports that involve aerobic activity and strength building would decrease your risk of getting diabetes. Last but not least, working out is a great way to reduce body fats and lower blood pressure. In general, sports help to strengthen the body and reduce the risk of physical injuries.

2. Emotional benefits

Sports help to build confidence, reduce anxiety and relieve stress. Research has shown that engaging in sports can trigger the release of brain chemicals that make you happier. No wonder working out is commonly used by so many as a way to relieve stress!

Playing team sports in particular would also help with developing deeper relationships as you enjoy victories with your teammates and share the pain of defeats together as well. You learn about teamwork in the process and create a greater sense of belonging with your friends.

3. Physical benefits

Sports can help improve your outward appearance by helping you with weight loss and muscle building. Mark my words that a toned body looks many times more attractive.

Exercising regularly is also known to aid in sleeping. If you are facing difficulties with uninterrupted sleep, try working out at least twice a week.